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Postgraduate Program

  1. Master Philosophy Rehabilitation Technology*
  2. PhD Health Science (Rehabilitation Technology)*

(*Both degree is still on pursue for the approval from Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and not been listed as an offers degree by the university)

Here are some of the information regarding to the propose degree

Master Philosophy Rehabilitation Technology
Student shall conduct a research on any topic related to the department area of interest. Assessment is by semester progress reports and a thesis examination (viva voce). All research works are supervised by academic staffs from the Graduate Faculty member. The program requires a nominal duration of three to four semester (18 to 24 months).

PhD Health Science (Rehabilitation Technology)
Based on our department area of interest, this program requires a nominal duration of six normal 15-week semesters (3 years). The progress of the student is assessed each semester through a progress report. The degree is awarded based on a comprehensive examination (viva voce) of the doctoral thesis submitted by the student at end of study. All PhD research are supervised by academic staffs from the graduate Faculty member.