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The Department of Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing is established in 2007 as part of the UTM’s effort in positioning the Faculty of Health Science and Biomedical Engineering as the leading institution for learning Health Science and Biomedical Engineering.  We are the pioneer in Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Processing education in Malaysia’s public university and have been offering this unique program continuously since our establishment. Our department offers a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering. The department staffs consist of 1 full Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 5 lecturers and 7 tutors.



Current research areas include biomedical signal processing and physiological signal processing. In  biomedical signal processing, our research are focus on (ECG and Heart Sound), biomedical instruments, biometrics, DSP algorithms, hardware architectures and softwares. In physiological signal  processing, our research are focus on many signal processing equipments such as EEG, EMG, and ECG in order to find solution for any problem related to human body.